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Meet Sarah, 28 and Aharon, 31

She: as a small-town girl, He: a city boy. Together: they found the perfect middle ground.

Sarah, originally from the quaint city of Buffalo, NY, is a 4th grade Judaic studies teacher at CTA. She studied at Azrieli Graduate School of Education & Administration, got her masters in Jewish education, and taught Judaic studies in New York and New Jersey prior to Columbus.

Aharon, originally from Far Rockaway, NY, earned his MSW from Touro's Graduate School of Social Work and is a Clinical Supervisor and Outpatient Therapist for New Horizons Mental Health Services.

They have two beautiful Children, Orly, 3, and Rafi, 8months.

"We were looking for somewhere that we can make an impact"

Orly, now nearly 4 years old, was born in 2017. At that time, they were beginning to outgrow their apartment in Washington Heights, and were on the hunt for a growing community in which to plant roots. They were drawn to Columbus by its vibrancy and diversity. They found that the Jewish community was both warm and robust, offering several Synagogues, which boasted a broad spectrum of Jewish life. They felt immediately at home with the Beth Jacob congregation, and CTA welcomed Sarah with open arms and tremendous enthusiasm.

Sarah and Aharon have found to be Columbus both idyllic and serene. “Our quality of life has increased exponentially since moving to our spacious home. It was so much more affordable than the tiny space we used to live in. Our kids have more places to play than we ever had access to before!”.

Aharon and Sarah found that moving to the community was an easy decision. The balance of warmth and diversity along with a stable and well-established community spoke for itself. They were immediately embraced by their peers; other young families, young professionals, and the congregations of several synagogues. They found that another important consideration were the educational opportunities for their children. The community caters to a wide range of ages and needs, with daycare options as well as CTA’s robust K-12. Sarah shared that she loves working at CTA.

Sarah is a seasoned teacher and has worked in several well-renowned schools in the NY/NJ area, but her favorite has been CTA. ‘It’s a really warm environment, the students are kind, genuine, receptive. It’s clear that they want to be there.’ The families are wonderful and really appreciate her as a teacher. She finds that it is especially fulfilling to be part of the same community as her students, as she gets to interact with her students, their friends, and their families. Shabbat is a special time when she gets to observe her students in their community, and really get to know them in their home context.

Sarah finds the community to be filled with an excited energy. Excited to grow and very responsive to her thoughts, ideas, and contributions. People like showing up to events and there is so much happening in the community all the time. The community has its own Torah video series, programming for children, learning programs for the holidays and lots more.

While Columbus is many things, most importantly, Aharon and Sarah have found a home.

Q:"Sarah, tell us something people don't know about you”.

A: "I played soccer from 6th grade till my junior year in college and have a minor in music".

Q: "What is your favorite quote”?

A: "XXX"


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