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Together with other Jewish organisations in Columbus, we have assembled a job council with leading business leaders in the community who are committed to advice, assist and facilitate an interview process for candidates that come through the Columbus pathways program.

Columbus Pathways assists with resume development and interview preparation as well, prior to being introduced to the job council

Entry Level

Job: Bookkeeper

Start Date: Immediate 

Part-time bookkeeper, approx 15 hours a week.

$25/Hr.  (Would consider paying more for the right person)


* Excellent at Quickbooks and Excel. 

* Trustworthy


* Daily (or As-Needed) Tasks

  • Open and sort mail

  • Remote scan IOTA checks etc. for deposit into Ohio State Bank operating accounts

  • Remote scan checks for deposit into HNB Clean Title IOTA account:

    • Title Search invoice payments

    • Escrow shortages

    • Ramquest HOA dump file deposits

    • Ramquest recording/dump file deposits

  • Identify and reimburse operating accounts for charges paid by other operating accounts:

    • Visa Charges

    • UPS Charges

    • Search/Closing Charges

  • Monitor balance in HNB analysis account and transfer operating funds if needed

  • Monitor check stock for operating and IOLTA checks and order checks when needed

  • Monitor ink & postage funds for meter and order more/add funds when needed

  • Add/remove Luxury Rental tenants from website when needed

  • Collect and file year-end tax documents received in yearly tax folders for CPA

  • Prepare ad-hoc financial reports from QuickBooks requested by owners

  • Maintain personal financial statements for owners in Excel and update as requested

  • Process new-hire paperwork and termination paperwork for payroll, disability, and 401k

* Bi-weekly Tasks

  • Process and submit payroll to HR Butler (payroll provider)

  • Input payroll transactions into QuickBooks

  • Process and submit 401k deferrals

  • Input 401k deferrals into QuickBooks

  • Process payables and print checks

* Monthly Tasks

  • Reconcile operating account bank statements with QuickBooks

  • Issue Simplifile reimb. check from Clean operating to HNB Clean IOTA dump file

  • Download/save HNB E-Recording statements (deposit and analysis) for Clean and Win

  • File monthly money market statements for individual client trust accounts

  • Email Columbia Title financials to owner for review and forward to recipients

  • Add utility charges to Stansbury Weaver spreadsheet & email them rent figure

  • Monitor and record monthly ACH deposits and report receipts to owner:

    • 2680 E. Main rent

    • 150 Commercial Condo rent

    • Luxury Rentals rent for 8 properties

    • Oxford Commerical management income

    • Stansbury Weaver sublease (+ utility) rent

  • Identify outstanding title search invoices older than 6 months

  • Confirm payment of doc prep fees to Davis & Meyer by Clean Title and Win Title

  • Update spreadsheet for Clean Analysis and Clean E-Recording bank service charges

  • Categorize accounts and record totals in QuickBooks for 3 credit card statements

* Quarterly

  • Generate quarterly UPS reimbursement invoice in Excel to Schottenstein

  • Distribute quarterly financials to Jubilee Harvest recipients

  • Download and forward quarterly P&Ls from QuickBooks to CPA for CAT payments

* Yearly

  • Prepare and process 1099s in QuickBooks for operating accounts

  • Process and pay workers comp insurance twice a year

  • Compile and upload Pentegra year-end census data and complete online questionnaire

  • Estimate annual analysis fees & issue pro-rated checks from title companies to fund 

  • Issue and mail HSA deposit checks for two owners

  • Prepare and submit BWC Payroll True-up for 4 title companies

  • Year-end CPA Checklist:

    • Download from QuickBooks into Excel year-end financials for 9 companies:

      • P&L, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, General Ledger

    • Scan monthly bank statements to CPA for:

      • 2900 E. Broad

      • 150 Commercial Condo

    • Compare mortgage loan data on summary spreadsheet with bank tax documents received and reconcile any discrepancies in QuickBooks

    • Enter year-end loan balance, interest paid, and principal paid for 150 Commercial Condo on mortgage loan summary spreadsheet

    • Scan and forward 1099-INTs to CPAs along with tax documents in tax files

    • Reconcile payroll W-3s with QuickBooks data for 4 title companies

    • Scan payroll W-3s for 4 title companies and W-2s for Clean Title to CPA

    • For Davis & Meyer, scan capital call sheets for Carlyle Feeder to CPA

    • For Davis & Meyer, send 1099 for Morgan Stanley brokerage accounts to CPA

    • Report annual E-Recording account bank service charges (Clean & Win) to CPA

  • Maintain salary and bonus spreadsheet for title companies

  • Follow-up with CPA to obtain adjusting journal entries for QuickBooks to match returns

  • Reconcile Clean Title owner equity distributions and issue any payment necessary

  • Total yearly bookkeeping expenses and issue pro-rated checks from title companies to reimburse Clean Title

Step 1- Search for the job you are seeking in columbus/remote.

Step 2- Contcat us with the exact job opportunity you found.

Step 3- Columbus Pathways will present your application to the job council and assist in any way possible.

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