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Meet Danny, 28 and Valery, 28

Valery, originally from Russia, moved to Columbus when she was 8 years old and studies at CTA (Columbus torah academy). After graduating from high school she studies at stern in New York. She currently works in marketing

Danny, originally from Columbus, was raised in Columbus and attended CTA as well. After graduating, he studied at YU. Danny is a dentist and owns his own practice.

They have three beautiful children, Yakira, 5, Maynie, 2, Jordana, 6 months and an adorable Goldendoodle puppy.

"We were looking to be apart of something special"

Growing up in Columbus, Valery has great memories from school. It was always warm and she always felt like she was going from her home to her second home, she was always taken care of and cared about. She notes that teachers can focus allot more on kids as individuals in a smaller classroom and she always felt very supported and comforted. With a smaller class she had more opportunities to shine, be an individual, and get the attention she needed.

After Graduating from YU and Stern, Valery and Danny decided to come back to Columbus to raise their family. They knew that the Columbus community is a happy, wholesome environment and they loved that pace of life. They love that it’s an easy place to live with no stress like the big cities and that poplin Columbus are extremely friendly and happy.

What Valerie loves about the community most is that there is not one type of jew. Every member comes from a different stage and walk of life but they all mesh together so beautiful.

That is really special and you Won’t find that Anywhere else around the world.

Q:"Valery, tell us something most people don't know about you".

A: "Danny and I have been together since 8th grade".

Q: "What is your favorite quote"?

A: “Happiness is a journey, not a destination. "


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