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Meet Meir, 29 and Michal, 24

Both big city people looking for a small community to make a Big difference.

Meir, studied and got a BTL at Ner Israel and is originally from Passaic, NY, is now a commercial Realestate broker in Columbus.

Michal, studies at Manhattan High School for Girls, has a BSN in liberal arts from Excelsior College, is originally from Lawrence, NY and is currently studying to become a nurse.

They have two beautiful children, Alexander, 4 and Rebecca, 1.

"We were looking to be apart of something special"

Meir and Michal both grew up in very large Jewish communities and lived in Israel for their first year of marriage. They were looking to move to a small, out of town community and be apart of a different scene of life. They found that living in New York amongst thousand of other jews, they fell into the crowd and didn't really feel apart of something.

They wanted to take a few years to be apart of something bigger and to do something meaningful for a small community.

They visited Columbus, fell in love with the community and decided to move.

Michals favorite thing about Columbus is that in a smaller community you really have the opportunity to be involved, integral, to give to other people and really make a difference.

Whatever you are passionate about, wether it is Kiruv, teaching, painting, dancing or anything else, there is a place for you and you are needed!

Michal and Meir are extremely involved in the community and in the NCSY youth program.

Q:"Michal, tell us something most people don't know about you".

A: "I speak Russian fluently and Meir is slowly trying to learn".

Q: "What is your favorite quote"?

A: “Be the change you want to see in the world"


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